This site has been built to be as accessible as possible for all users, regardless of disability.

Accessibility features of this site

Text resizing

If you are using a desktop browser, you can use your browser’s Zoom or Text Resize function to change the size of the text.


You can have the page read out to you by clicking on the Readspeaker button that follows the main page heading. Please note, Readspeaker will only read out the content of the page, not the navigation links, etc.

Keyboard accessibility

You can use the Tab key to go through the links on the page in order. Press Shift + Tab to return to a previous link. Press the Enter key to click on or action a link.

Video accessibility

Videos are hosted on YouTube and are captioned. To play a video, click or touch the Play button. The button will change to a Pause button. The video controls may disappear after a few seconds. Hover over the video (or touch it on a mobile device) to make the controls reappear.

To see the captions, select the CC button  and select English – United Kingdom from the pop-up menu.

The video controls are also keyboard accessible using Tab / Shift + Tab. The highlighted control has a blue outline. When you play a video, you can use the space bar to pause the video. Press it again to start playing.

Accessibility constraints

If you have an accessibility issue using this site, please let us know. It would be helpful if you could tell us:

  • What you were trying to do, and what the problem was
  • Which page you were on when it occurred
  • Which browser and version you were using (e.g. Internet Explorer 11)
  • Which operating system you are using (e.g. Windows 7)

If you were using some assistive technology – eg a screen reader, please tell us about that too.

Useful links

BBC My Web My Way (help browsing the web)

Learn more about accessibility in Microsoft Windows

Overview of accessibility features in Mac OS X

Enable accessibility on OS X

iOS (iPhone/iPad) accessibility.

Android accessibility

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