What we’ve been doing in 2016

Digital Health and Care LogoIn 2016, our Digital Health and Care (DHC) team grew from one to four members of staff – an indication perhaps of the growing role of digital in service provision and our lives more generally.

A snapshot of our achievements and activities include:

Our management of the pioneering ‘Our GP’ project, which aims to co-design new GP digital services with people as partners, and based on their needs.  The project started with seven co-design workshops held across Scotland, which were attended by a mix of practice staff and people who regularly visit GP practices. Now, we have turned to the wider public for feedback on several of the people-led ideas for digital solutions that could transform and enable better care.

We’ve also tried to introduce what digital health means for the citizens of Scotland through our jargon-free, simple, short and well-received explainer ‘Your Digital Health’ video.

Last but not least, we’ve been working with the third sector to support their DHC innovation. For example, in partnership with Revive MS Support on an online video-conferencing proposal that could widen geographical access to its co-located, integrated support service. You can learn more about this and other third sector projects by reading our ‘Innovation in Action’ case studies.

You can keep up to date and get involved with our work through this website or via Twitter at @DHCScot or on Instagram.