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Personal Profile

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‘me & my GP’ would allow people to create an online profile containing non-medical information, which is important to them and which they want to share with their GP. People could:

  • write and update a short one-page profile about their life covering their current lifestyle and goals as well as their accessibility requirements
  • share this profile with their (existing or new) GP

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Digital Photo Triage


See the clinical view for this demo as well!

‘PhotoGP’ would allow people to send photos of a minor skin condition (or injury) for review by a clinician at their GP practice who would then advise them on next steps. People could:

  • send a photo (or photos taken over a time period) of their skin condition or injury along with a short note of their symptoms, for review by a clinician at their GP practice
  • get a message back from their GP practice, on whether they should book an appointment at their GP practice or advice on how they can monitor/manage the condition at home

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Advice and Information



‘PocketGP’ would enable people to ‘replay’ the advice from their GP consultations and also allow them to receive links to online information relevant to their health. People could:

  • make recordings summarising the advice from their GP consultation and save these for playback as audio (or with the audio ‘converted’ into text for reading)
  • receive and save weblinks to relevant and trusted online health information and local support services

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