inDHC – innovation network

The Innovation Network for Digital Health and Care (inDHC) aims to be a collaborative space committed to supporting person-centred, third sector digital health and care developments.

Through this we want to help third sector digital health and care innovators make connections and work on common challenges together.

Our objectives are to create a platform to: 

  • find and share useful information or guidance on using digital in health and care effectively
  • pool capabilities, skill-sets and explore ways of supporting each other 
  • share learning by celebrating achievements and good practice 
  • offer online participation methods through which any member can help develop the overall direction and content of inDHC

View an interactive presentation on some of the things you will be able to do through inDHC.

Join the network now to start building the future of Digital Health and Care Innovation in Scotland or have a look at our resources first:

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