New space to support third sector DHC innovation launched

Last week, we have launched ‘inDHC’ (Innovation Network for Digital Health and Care), a collaborative space committed to supporting person-centred, third sector digital health and care developments.

inDHC aims to help third sector digital health and care innovators make connections and work on common challenges together. By joining the network you will gain access to an online platform which will enable you to:

  • find and share useful information or advice
  • build links with other professionals working on similar issues
  • surface the core challenges you face and work collaboratively on them and also on co-designing solutions
  • help develop the overall direction and content of inDHC.

If you would like to know more, you can have a look at the following interactive presentation on why you should join inDHC and its benefits to you (a PDF version can be downloaded below).

To help kickstart this new initiative, we have updated our web content to provide a simplified list of potential sources of funding for digital health and care projects. You can also have a look at case studies highlighting third sector innovation.

To find out more or to learn how to join the network email us at

Download the presentation on why you should join inDHC here (PDF file).

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