Revive MS Support granted DHI support for ARMSS

Revive MS logoWe are pleased to announce that Revive MS Support have been awarded support from the Digital Health and Care Institute for a new project on remote, video services.

Access Support MS Revive (ARMSS) is a project that aims to improve access to specialist MS support through the use of video conferencing technology. Revive MS Support is often described as a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for people looking for support with their MS in a non-clinical setting. Recognising the vital services they run, Revive MS Support are looking to extend their reach beyond their centre in Glasgow and outreach centres across the west of Scotland. ARMSS is an initial project that will cover people in North Lanarkshire, where there is currently a lack of MS support services. If this proves successful Revive MS Support will look to providing this service nationally.

The ALLIANCE and the Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI) will be key partners in this project. The ALLIANCE Digital Health and Care Team have been working with Revive MS Support to apply for resources and funding, including an application to the DHI. The DHI will be supporting ARMSS in facilitating co-design workshops. As a brand new style of service for Revive MS Support, they are taking the opportunity of designing it from the ground up. Support from the DHI is allowing the project to be truly co-designed which is vital to ensure that the excellent person centred support available at the Revive MS Support treatment centres, is engrained in this new service.

The ALLIANCE will work alongside the DHI and Revive MS Support on this project to capture and collate the learning from it. This will be synthesised into a ‘Good Practice Guide and Tool-Kit’ for other organisations hoping to establish a similar service. By doing this we will ensure that the work from this project benefits the whole of the third sector.

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