Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI)

The ALLIANCE has a partnership with the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI), which seeks to encourage and facilitate digital innovation in the third sector. The DHI is one of Scotland’s eight innovation centres and brings together expertise from health professionals, leading academics and businesses to develop new ways of ensuring the health of people in Scotland flourishes. The DHI is now looking to the third sector to become a major contributor in digital health and care innovation, reflecting its importance in providing health and care services in Scotland.

The ALLIANCE and the DHI are working together with third sector organisations, supporting them in developing digital services within a wider context of digital health and care innovation. We want to ensure that the voice of the lived experience is represented in the expanding digital health and care sector so that emerging technologies work for the people who will use them.


The ALLIANCE is participating in the TITTAN project (Translation, Innovation & Technology Transfer in Ageing Network), which aims to establish a network of knowledge exchange with 7 European regions with the aim of fostering innovation and technology transfer in the field of health. Scotland’s contribution to the project is being overseen by our partners the DHI who identified the ALLIANCE as key stakeholders in the aims of the TITTAN project. TITTAN is funded by the Europe Territorial Cooperation Program, and it was selected in a very competitive call, in which 2,158 European organizations participated through the proposal of 261 projects.

The project will share good practices between the partners to promote three different action lines:  Innovation from the companies to the health services (outside-in), with practices such as Public Procurement of Innovation; Transfer of technology from the health services to the patients and involving citizens in the management of ageing and health by promoting healthy lifestyles, processes and innovative technologies.

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